New rules to phase out gas appliances stoke excitement, anxiety on the Peninsula

A new all-electric heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit is lifted by a crane during its installation process on the rooftop of the Peninsula Conservation Center in Palo Alto on Jan. 25, 2023. Photo by Magali Gauthier. When Palo Alto and Menlo Park launched their respective efforts to wean residents off natural gas appliances and […]

Find The Best Plumbers In Concord, CA Of 2024 – Forbes Home

The Census Bureau notes that there are around 300 plumbers in Concord, offering a wide range of services. Here are a few ways to find the best Concord plumber for your needs. Determine if It’s a Plumber You Need Some DIY plumbing projects may seem like no big deal to an experienced homeowner. However, as […]

California’s Heat-Pump Fantasy | City Journal

Electric-powered heat pumps, once an obscure appliance, are being hyped as the key to decarbonizing homes and buildings in California. Regulators in Sacramento and in the Bay Area are phasing out gas-furnace sales, and two upscale communities now require heat-pump retrofits when air conditioners wear out. But as with so many things “green,” advocates underestimate […]

DIY your kids’ Halloween costume with free help from Primary – NBC Bay Area

Halloween is the perfect time to showcase creativity and imagination. For the child who doesn’t want an average costume and dreams of dressing up as something out-of-the-box like a vacuum cleaner, wind chime, water heater, sand dune or any other unconventional choice, there’s a costume concierge service that will sketch kids’ ideas and help them […]

Inside 40+ Bay Area homes that have gone electric

Jeff and Debbie Byron’s all-electric home in Los Altos has been named a Silicon Valley Clean Energy Award winner. It is among the 40-plus homes open to the public on this year’s Electric Home Tour. Photo by BeBe Khue Jacobs. Four years ago, Jeff and Debbie Byron decided it was time to ditch their gas […]

The Latest Barrier to New Bay Area Housing? PG&E Equipment Delays

There are hundreds of otherwise ready-to-go housing units just plain sitting vacant across the Bay Area, because PG&E is backlogged on the electrical components needed to connect these units to their power grid. You’ve heard plenty of sturm and drang over the last year or so about California cities’ state-mandated housing element plans that require […]

Gas water heater and furnace phase-out plan to cost consumers

A new push in the Bay Area to phase out natural gas furnaces and water heaters is getting some scrutiny as it comes with hidden costs for homeowners.  Chris Guslani has been in the water heater business for decades. He says in all that time not much about the industry has changed until this year […]

Homeowners moving away from gas appliances hit regulatory speed bump

SUNNYVALE — As state and local officials begin mandating  electric-only appliances, PG&E is experiencing long backlogs to approve upgrades necessary for many older homes.  One couple in the South Bay is feeling the shock of trying to switch to electric and their story may be a cautionary tale for many. Mike and Karen Kapolnek’s house […]

Renters: Was Your Home Damaged by Rain or Floods? Here’s What to Do

I can no longer live in my home because of the damages. What can I do? If your landlord has scheduled repairs that require you to live somewhere else in the meantime, they are required to pay for your housing, which could be a hotel or another property. “That being said,” Simon-Weisberg added, “you will […]

Find The Best Plumbers In Fremont, CA Of 2024 – Forbes Home

Plumbing costs in Fremont are likely to be higher, on average, compared to the national average, but finding affordable plumbing services may be easier than you think. It’s important to note that your city or region is a factor in how much you’ll pay for a professional plumber. Generally, there are six categories of plumbing […]